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Read all about it! Verbal Terrorists in the press...

Selected reviews, news and interviews.

Chronicle Interview.

Verbal Terrorists talk to Ruth Lawson from the North East's biggest newspaper about their journey so far...

DDF live on Bottomless Crates.

Drop Dead Fred with some live fiyah in the Bottomless Crates booth. Boom!

Review in The Crack Magazine.

VT win October's Album of the Month Award. You've got to love any review that starts with 'Whoah!'

New Free Press Interview.

New Free Press called The War on Terra "Exceptional; one of the most compelling underground hip-hop records of the year." Plus they talk to Drop Dead Fred.

Ceasefire Magazine's Review.

Ceasefire called The War on Terra 'Superb; an inspired piece of art'. Read the review in full here.

Freedom Review.

Freedom Anarchist magazine take a look at The War on Terra, concluding...'Newcastle’s finest deliver profundity, immensely skilful wordplay and condensed wit.' Big praise indeed!

Rhythm Circus on Small Axe.

The kind folk at Rhythm Circus called our debut 'A Combination of Chomskyian intellectual rigour and deft street poetics'. How flattering. review VT's debut CD.

They said it was 'a set of facts, opinions and, it has to be said, choooons...' They also likened it to a collection of 'First Class PHD dissertations'. I think they quite liked it...

Libcom rave about Small Axe.

The all round gentleman Tom Jennings had some nice things to say about our first release: 'Verbal Terrorists’ excellent debut Small Axe delivers just what it says on the tin – ‘Governmental advisory: seditious lyrics’ – with passion, panache and intelligence and some banging beats to boot...'

Oli Arditi assesses The War on Terra.

This really nice bloke who seems to know a lot about good music said he found The War on Terra 'Really fucking inspiring'. Which made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks Oli.

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